By Sam Stucky

There’s nothing like an awesome group of six to eight year-olds to end an awesome summer of summer camp for us counselors and staff!  We finished today with a freezing dip in the pool this morning, as well as some cold pool games later at eleven.  We also were able to do our all camp creek hike, but without the waterfall jump (because of high water).  Finally, we finished with our last worship with the parents with a skit about trees and a tree song!

Our neighbor is someone who cares for others, leads on the right path, makes enemies into friends, cares for strangers, and cares for the world!  These are valuable lessons from Derek and Laurie.  Thanks guys!

At our final staff meeting/party, we talked about our great summer, and all the stories of these kiddos.  It’s very sad to have to leave this wonderful place.  But we also started planning for 2018.  It’s never too early to prepare for summer camp!

So from all of us summer staff at Laurelville, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to the parents and families who sent their kids and allowed us to learn from and with them. And we hope to see you next year!

Save the Date for 2018!  A new week added!

Mini Camp ages 6-8 June 13-15
Explorers ages 8-10 June 17-22
Discoverers ages 9-11 June 24-29
Navigators ages 11-13 July 1-6
Seekers ages 12-14 July 8-13
Disciples ages 14-17 July 15-20