By Sam Stucky

Laurelville reminds us how perfect creation is.  During worship, Joe had us trying to count leaves on trees, blades of grass, and rocks in just a few minutes.  We’re starting to realize how much detail God put into the world that he created completely for us.  And each of us are so small yet so cared for by him.  Like the lost sheep, God rejoices and cares over each and every one of us alike.  Besides the meaningful lessons, Joe also reminded us that we can be taken by surprise just like sheep…a silly string surprise in our case…

Monday afternoon Cabin Mix-Up had some campers clearing rocks out of the mud field for Mud Weekends in the fall, working on tie-dye craft hats, and going on the creek hike.  Last night, we played an intense game of Slaughter (not as violent as it sounds!), and made banana SHIPS.  We ended the evening with an awesome pool party set up by Rec Director Ryan and DJ-Scoutmaster-Regis.  Check out Flickr for pictures of all of the above!  Today there was early morning hockey, to which no campers or counselors showed up.  In fact, Slaughter, Service Projects and the like wore everyone out, because three out of five cabins were quite late to breakfast. 😉  Seekers are getting tired from less than 48 hours of camp time, but they’re definitely having fun!

This afternoon consisted of more Cabin Mix-Up crafts, working on clearing out debris in the creek, and our pilot group on the newly certified ropes course-Steinbach and Berne!  It’s awesome to use our newly mulched, cleared, and repaired low-ropes course!  Tonight we’re suiting up for twin night at dinner, and finishing off the night with five-puck and our favorite, sleeping out on Sunset Hill.  But not before Walk-A-Mile and games/worship on Sunset.  Pray for the rain to hold off and the campers and counselors to get enough sleep!