By Sam Stucky

Well, folks, it is time for another great week of camp.  This year for Seekers Camp we’re excited to have an awesome group of campers and to welcome back two Laurelville counselor/director alums as the Bible teachers, Derek and Becky King; all the way from Kansas!

Derek has been diving right into our Bible lessons with some group work in which we were challenged to think of who and what Jesus is to us.  God has too many names to count.  This morning we also journaled about times in which we acted like the priest or Levite and made excuses to not help those in need.

Besides our awesome Gatherings, the Seekers have already demonstrated their creativity with our “Creative Cabin” in which cabins compete to come up with the coolest design or creation within their cabin.  Steinbach made a giant chicken that was Stein-“bawking” and Berne had a cave made from their bunk beds.  Tomorrow, we will compete to have the cleanest cabin.  Besides that activity, we’re also hanging out in the creek building everyone’s favorite Ebenezers – rock towers, jumping off the waterfall, and making cool crafts (today was pocket pencil pouches) with Brayden Thomas the craft extraordinaire.  Tonight, after free time and dinner, we’re going to be making yet another round of banana boats.  We’ll also take part in the peaceful Mennonite game called Slaughter, in which campers and counselors compete to keep gold bars while not letting anyone steal their flag.  After that, we’ll end the night with an evening dip in the pool to cool off.

How did we fit this all in 24 hours?  WE’RE not even sure.