By Sarah Mitchell

Our Bible teacher Joe Furry has led us to various passages throughout scripture over the past few worships, especially Christ’s example of grace toward those who betrayed and crucified him. From this we are challenged to allow God to change our hearts and let his BIG love overflow to others. Tuesday’s gathering took place on Sunset hill before playing some crazy games (Bunk-Beds, anyone?!), hanging out, and singing around the campfire. Couldn’t ask for a much better evening under the moon and stars!

The Seekers have been swinging and wobbling along our low ropes course, helping keep the fields and creek in shape, designing awesome hats in the craft shop, and of course going on creek hikes! Kickball, nature scavenger hunts, five puck, and what we call pummel-ball have kept us moving all over the campus. And we were reminded by Joe that God lovingly created the world and beautiful nature where we live, work, and play. We’ve also been busy with circle games, the Norwegian game of Kubb (something like horse shoes), crafts, and carpetball give us a chance to work on attentiveness and precision.

Yesterday, we hosted the Olympics! We heard beautiful singing for the opening and closing ceremonies, and great athleticism and finesse was shown during relay races, jump roping, and ice cream decorating (over top of counselor’s faces)!. Then in the evening, campers were seeking for their secret base with glow sticks during Mission Impossible, and had to avoid getting caught! Lord-willing and weather-permitting, tonight will include not only a talent show but another stealth and speed type of game that reminds us of how valuable our faith in God is: He is worth withstanding Persecution. This game involves campers tracking down secret churches where they will hear historically based stories of martyrdom and faith, while avoiding the “police.” It has been a fantastic week of fun and faith! Hope to see you next year, Seekers (and rising Disciples)!!!