By Sam Stucky

We here at Laurelville have a shared belief: water = fun.  These last three days have been the epitome of how we live that out.  On Tuesday afternoon, we held Laurelville Summer Camp’s first ever Mud Games Extravaganza.  Needless to say, the campers will be coming home with some newly brown-dyed clothing.  The games included a Laurelville favorite, Slaughter, Tug of War, and even some choreographed interpretive dances.  Then we paraded through camp to shower in the creek!  Tuesday night also included our traditional Tin Foil Dinners, steamed with love on the fire for 12.5 minutes on each side.  Another wet and dirty activity was our Wednesday rafting trip to Ohiopyle.  There were only minor casualties, including an airborne Bible Teacher and a couple of campers who decided to swim a few rapids instead of raft them (check out the pictures!).  After our journey back home, we headed up to Sunset Hill for the night, and began worship.  This worship however was very special.  Imagine a dark cloud in the distance, with lines of rain seen dropping, with the sun just peeking through blue skies to the west, and John Stoltzfus soldiering on with his lesson.  Unfortunately, despite all of our positive energy, the world’s smallest cell of a rainstorm passed right over and began drenching us.  We sadly marched down to the pavilion and got dry clothes, but we were able to cover our already laid out sleeping bags with a tarp to keep them dry.  Maybe 15 minutes later, the rain was completely gone, and we were able to again crest Sunset Hill, full of optimism about actually being able to sleep out!  Once again, how can anything be fun without any water?!  We sang the night away and slept soundly, and have been having a great day since.

Speaking of airborne and courageous Bible Teachers, we have been blessed with some awesome lessons this week by Lansdale’s own John Stoltzfus.  John has been teaching us about modern and ancient superheroes who live out Jesus’ message to “Go and Do Likewise.”  We’ve also had some opportunities to work on our affirmation of each other, and delve further into other parables, while still being able to laugh along the way, and learn about John’s adventures across the USA and through his life.

Sadly, it’s our last full day, but we’re filling it to the fullest with crafts, Capture the Flag, the Ropes Course, Spikeball, and to top it all off- our annual Talent Show tonight.  Can’t wait to see you all here tomorrow!