by Sam Stucky & Anna Cullar

We made it. And not only did we make it, we crushed it. These little friends have been keeping us busy. Last night, something strange happened. Several counselors and staff members suddenly disappeared! “Where could they have gone?” asked one camper. So Hannah, the rec director extraordinaire, divided the campers into their cabin groups and sent them off on a massive hunt. Most of the counselors and staff were found, but several are still out there. Hopefully, next week the Explorers will be able to find them.

After the hunt, Miss Alyssa taught us our peacemaker promise. “I will be a peacemaker, today and every day. In my actions, in my thoughts, and in everything I say.” Parents, hold them to it! After worship, we rode up to Sunset Hill on the People Mover for everyone’s favorite snack, S’MORES! And Jacob, the music man, taught us some silly songs.

Today, we’ve been making the most of our last hours together with more music and worship. We worked on our own definitions of peace during Bible time and then spent a little bit of time journaling. But not long after, we headed to the pool for a splash of fun, including relay races and diving for coins.

Some of our campers went on a hike this afternoon and others spent their time making a craft. After a bit more free time, we will all be packing our bags and looking forward to seeing our families! So parents, safe travels! We can’t wait to tell you all about the fun we’ve been having together!