by Sam Stucky

It is crazy to say, but we are actually in our last week of summer camp at Laurelville! 🙁  Yesterday, our Disciples group arrived ready to hit the ground running.  We began the evening introducing ourselves with a cabin band name and then which famous actor would play us in a movie.  We also did a name game with our names and a movement or dance corresponding to the name.

After dinner, we played some Anklebiters in the Shen, which if you haven’t been reading these blogs, is a game of dodgeball using bean bags and only ankles.  Our Bible teacher this week is Bob Brown of First Mennonite Church in Indianapolis, and we immediately delved pretty deep into some Scripture and some tough questions.  Bob asked us what peace really means: is it a burden or a joy?  Bob is certainly not going to keep this week’s discussions surface level.

Besides the Gatherings, we’ve also been hanging out in the pool, making more tie-dye pillowcases, and even doing some Service Projects for Laurelville.  It’s cool to be able to give back to such an awesome place!

Tonight, we will be having another awesome pool party, eating some Banana Boats, and going to bed nice and early because tomorrow we HIT THE RIVER.  We’re super excited to be taking this group rafting – for many of them, it will be their first time!  It’s going to be fun!