by Olivia Tennefoss

Hello camp family! Seekers 2018 is underway, and we are already having a blast! Since the campers were dropped off, we’ve focused a lot on getting to know each other by working on names and interests. To do that, each cabin was given the task to name their new colony on Mars and then identify what each of their roles would be. Many of those roles included cooks, personal trainers, hairstylists, entertainers, and teachers. We then gathered in the pavilion with our Bible teachers, Wes and Jaime Horst. This morning, Wes had a few of the counselors act out the true story of Larry Trapp who was constantly shown love by Rabbi Michael Weisser. He would often have the counselors stop and act out different scenarios to see if the campers could guess what happened in the real story.

Today, the campers are being kept active as they sign up for special interests like brook snooping, Kubb, and Gaga ball. They are also spending plenty of time in the pool and craft shop. We are looking forward to superhero/comic night at dinner as campers dress up as heroes and villains. Most campers are also looking forward to building the famous banana boats tonight.

We’re having an amazing time, and friendships are beginning to flourish!