by Olivia Tennefoss

What is a song lyric or quote that brings you peace?

This was one of the questions that Wes and Jaime asked the campers and staff to dwell on and answer yesterday during one of our Bible gatherings. The campers are being challenged to think about how and where they find peace, but also the things that threaten our peace. The campers offered up many things that threaten their peace, like stress, biases, and the fear of what others think, among other things.

We have been offering many activities for the campers to choose, like capture the flag (evidently a camper favorite), learning some basics of sign language, and volleyball. Last night, our large group activity was Persecution. The campers traveled all over grounds going from secret church to secret church as they learned about some of the first Anabaptist Martyrs. They had to be stealthy so that they weren’t caught by any of the persecutors. When we gathered  again right before our evening prayer, we touched base about what some of the campers learned and also reminded them that Christians are still being persecuted today and not just in the 14th century.

We are looking forward to so many fun things in the few whole days of camp we have left. Tonight we will be playing games and sleeping on Sunset Hill, which hasn’t happened yet this summer due to rain, so the excitement is running really high around here. It also looks like we will be enjoying some mud activities tomorrow. We are so excited to have this group of campers and all the personalities they provide.