By Sam Stucky

We’re sad to say that this is our last week of camp here at Laurelville, but we’re still going to finish out with a bang!  Disciples campers have been blessed with awesome weather and awesome activities.  On Sunday night, we started off strong with Persecution, where campers have to run from safehouse to safehouse collected signatures without being tagged by the persecutors.  Several campers, including Braden Coffman, managed to complete the game and get all eight signatures.

Monday morning found us in the pool at 7:45 am for the Polar Bear Swim– practically sleeping in compared to previous weeks!  In worship, our Bible teachers, Danilo Sanchez and Christina Hershey have been talking about how God shines his light/love on us.  And like prisms, we spread that light to everyone.  Worship has yet to be dull because of activities like skits, stacking challenges, and even dance parties.  Besides worship sessions, we’ve had ample time to worship and relax just by being in God’s creation here at Laurelville– campers had the chance to spend time on the beautiful new ropes course and work at clearing out debris in the creek to help it flow better.

Besides that, we’ve also been making tie-dye hats, playing Ultimate Frisbee and Ultimate Spoons, Giant Dutch Blitz, Soccer, carpetball and more.  Monday night we played 5-puck in the field and then had Banana Boats to celebrate our victory and/or loss.  Tonight we’re looking forward to Hobo Dinners and Slaughter, and perhaps even Mission Impossible.  How does one fit all of these awesome things into one day you ask?  We never stop!