By Sam Stucky

Time flies when you’re a Navigator!  It’s already Thursday and we don’t want to leave!  Theresa (our Bible teacher) has been awesome this week teaching us what love looks like.  It’s a sacrifice, it’s vulnerable, it forgives, it abides, and it’s humble and important for our “one another.”  We’ve had tons of time to practice loving each other since we’ve been stuck in our cabins all week.  July 4th saw us celebrating with some sparklers and pool games, and Tuesday brought us the annual Laurelville Olympics.  We had a balloon toss, ice cream decoration (ON the counselors’ faces), water balloon launch, relay race, and shot put.  We’re ready for Rio!

We’ve also been able to spend a lot of time in the creek, at split rock, and working on our group building skills with some interesting games in the Shenandoah.  Unfortunately, it was too rainy to sleep out on Sunset hill last night, but we still got to worship around the fire and spend some time alone in God’s creation and have s’mores and games.  The thunder and lightning started RIGHT when we got back down safely, so it was perfect timing.  We’re looking forward to a whole ton more games today, as well as Tin Foil Dinners and Banana Boats tonight…not to mention the Talent Show and Mission Impossible.  See you soon, parents!