By Sam Stucky

We are more than excited to be back at Laurelville for another great week of camp!  We had a good week relaxing, travelling, and being at convention.  But yesterday, we welcomed our ten to twelve-year-olds with gusto!  Rec Director Blake had us playing Human Knot, Jedi Mind Tricks, Barnyard, Catch the Dragon Tail, and Smog’s Jewels…If you can guess how any of those games work, kudos to you!  But they were awesome.  Our Bible Teacher this week is Pittsburgh Mennonite Church’s own Dave Swanson, and he’s already been crushing it with his skits.  Dr. Mansplain Biblebrain, Ph.D. and Biff the Samaritan are just two characters that might give you an idea of what our skits were like!  Dave’s been giving us lots of historical background on the story of the Good Samaritan and answering all of the questions that the campers have about the story.

Today, we played some classic games like mafia, basketball, and Ultimate Frisbee.  We are happy to have a new camp classic called Gaga Ball!  Thanks to Disciples camper and Eagle Scout, Braden Coffman, our Gaga pit has been constructed, and we have been loving it.  Basically, it’s an enclosed version of dodgeball in a wooden ring.  Thanks, Braden!

Katie Cline has also been showing us the ropes (literally!) course, and Tiffany has been showing us awesome crafts.  Tonight, we will chow down on Banana Boats, and wake up bright and early for the Polar Bear Swim in the morning.  Feel free to join us in our polar bear song at 7am tomorrow!

“It’s summertime at Laurelville  It’s thirty degrees below! The polar bears are swimming, because they love it so!  They get up very early, they grab their suits and run.  We ask them why they do it.  They say, “‘To have some fun!'”

Have an awesome night, Parents!