By Sarah Mitchell

Navigator’s camp is up and rolling! We got to know each other yesterday by sharing our favorite Olympic sports, then passing a soccer ball by calling out our new friends’ names. During worship, our Bible teacher Theresa Wolf got us pumped up to learn about God’s love for the week, with the symbol of the cross to represent how God has given us sacrificial love. How can we show sacrificial love in our lives? Campers painted water color pictures of their answers. After worship we headed down to the field for a game of five puck, then went back to the cabins for reflection time and getting ready for lights out!

This morning everyone gathered at the pool bright eyed and bushy tailed for the polar bear swim! Our lesson for the morning was about vulnerability, or having an open heart (the next symbol in the series). The rain mostly held off for us during the special interest and cabin faithful activities which included hockey, carpetball, crafts, split rock hike, creek hike, and more crafts! Later tonight we will be dressing like super heroes for supper, learning another way that God shows love, and then making banana boats! Can’t wait!