by Sam Stucky

The rain has cramped our style a little bit this week, but we’ve been making the best of everything!  Unfortunately, we STILL have not been able to sleep out on Sunset Hill after two attempts this week!  However, we got to have s’mores, games, worship, and even saw some fireworks all throughout Westmoreland County from the hill.

Besides that, we did some more polar bear swimming, team building on the ropes course, and hikes around the creek and up to Split Rock.  This week is again about embracing the water, so we’ve been playing in the creek building rock towers, snooping around for critters, and jumping off the waterfall.  We also played hockey, 9-Square-in-the-Air, and the peaceful game of Slaughter (in which we run around like crazy and steal flags from each other).

Besides all of the fun games, we’ve still been lucky enough to hear from Seth and Theresa every day during our Gatherings, learning about the “Up, In and Out” of Christianity and “kairos” moments in our lives.  Today, the focus is on peace with others, and we looked at Romans 12 and how we love others, even when they are persecuting us.

These campers are extremely tired, mostly because many of them slept in the pavilion on mattresses and on porches (since Sunset Hill was rained out).  But there is no time to slow down.  We are about to head into the pit of mud and play some games and tug some war.  It’s gonna be a mess!

See you tomorrow, families.  We’ll be tired, but we’ll be excited!