By Sam Stucky

Yesterday’s carnival left us with residual pudding and paint on our faces, as well as great tunes and memories in our minds. At dinner the campers used butter knives and the counselors used crazy kitchen utensils like ladles and spatulas for pasta.

This morning we started off our last day of Mini Camp with a polar bear swim – and hopped back in the pool *again* before lunch, despite a little drizzle! The sun came back out for our lunch, forest and creek hikes, and free time. In the evening, we wrapped up mini camp with the families joining us for one last gathering and dinner together! Cathy Spory, our Bible teacher, spent the past few days teaching all of us about loving our families, loving people who are mean or different than us, and about love and forgiveness. What an example Joseph and his family are for love and forgiveness!

We will miss the little ones, but are looking forward to the Explorers next week!