By Sam Stucky

Yesterday, we said hello to the little people of Mini Camp 2017!  Although it’s our last half week, we are still super excited to show Laurelville Summer Camp to these kids (most of them are new!).  We began camp with our cabin intros, in which we said our name and acted out our favorite animal.  We also played some name and team-building games, like trying to pass a hula hoop around a circle without using our hands.  Then we were introduced to Derek and Laurie Yoder who are the Bible teachers this week.

In the gatherings, we have been looking at what makes a neighbor, with the help of some great acting and goofy teachers.  On Sunday night, we learned that a neighbor is someone who shows love.  This morning, we learned that a neighbor also leads someone in the right path.  Spotty the Owl has been helping us with our memory verse and helping us string up our prayers along the ceiling in a “prayer chain.”

But when we’re not worshiping, we have been sleeping through thunderstorms (with remarkably few tears), playing Upset the Fruit Basket, making tie-dye socks, hiking to Split Rock, and of course, the Polar Bear Swim!  Because of last night’s storm, the creek is FAR too high to hike, but we’re hoping it calms down by tomorrow so these kids can jump off the bottom of the waterfall.  This afternoon, we’ll spend lots of time at the pool during free time, do some silly games at the carnival (like digging for “worms” in pudding without hands and carrot spitting), and enjoy a people mover ride up to Sunset Hill to roast marshmallows and watch the sunset!

Can’t believe tomorrow is the last day, but we’ll still be busy.  See you folks at dinner!