by Sam Stucky

That’s right, friends, we have only one sleep left at Laurelville summer camp, but man have we had a good week and summer! This week was only the second time we got to sleep out on sunset, and it was a nice cool evening. We played bunk beds, extreme rock paper scissors, ride the pony, and of course, sang lots of strange songs with Jacob.

Yesterday, we also had our annual mud games, which also consisted of bunk beds and interpretive dances by each cabin. Make sure you check the photos for mud….words just don’t do it justice! Tonight, we also had a fancy and delicious banquet dinner in the dining hall and will close the night with the game of Persecution.

Bob Brown has continued to share his story and wisdom with us pertaining to peacemaking, vulnerability, and validation. This morning, we were challenged in our journal time to think of a particularly challenging or troubling conversation or experience with someone, and how we could have handled it differently. Peace is an issue all across the world, but we sometimes forget to work on it in our own lives.

We are excited to see our families tomorrow but also a little sad to say goodbye to all our camp friends. But we can’t wait to share our stories with you, and we are already looking forward to next year! See you tomorrow!