by Sam Stucky

Somehow, it’s already Friday morning, and our Seekers will be leaving today! 🙁 We’re excited to show you all the things we learned and did this week, but we still have a few more activities left today including 9-Square, Capture the Flag, the trash can game, and learning more sign language with our expert, Lilli!

Also, since we last blogged, we made it up to Sunset Hill, AND we slept out!  Our first night up on Sunset this summer was awesome, although slightly chilly.  Yesterday, we also played our annual mud games including Colored Eggs and Captain’s Coming in thick mud.  Then we did a mud-march through camp to the waterfall to wash ourselves and revitalize!  Mud is exfoliating, right??!

Yesterday, we talked about the final “e” of p-e-a-c-e.  It stands for “enduring.”  Each cabin had to make a sculpture or drawing that represents the thing that is the “most enduring.”  Some finished products included a cross, a tree, and the entropy formula.  These campers are definitely creative!  We also read and discussed a bunch of “enduring peace” scripture passages.

It’s easy to experience peace at Laurelville but can be tough in our day-to-day lives.  We’re looking forward to taking what we learned this week and remembering how to experience shalom every day.

See you in a bit, families!