by Sam Stucky

Yes, it is wet.  A giant storm for nearly all of Wednesday caused us to change some plans, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t have fun.  In the midst of all the rain, about an hour of sunshine allowed us to use the aforementioned Slip ‘N’ Slide, and let me tell you this: it is a hit.  It’s about 100 feet or so of pure slippery sliding goodness.  And besides that, we also got to have the Laurelville Explorers’ Olympics in the rain, with events like the 100m relay race and the Decorate-Your-Counselor’s-Face-With-Ice-Cream-Toppings-Contest (maybe just check the pictures to see how that works).

On Tuesday, we played a giant game of Capture the Flag, which also involved being wet, and took moist hikes to Split Rock and in Jacob’s Creek.  During worship times, however, we managed to stay dry and learn more about the “pieces” that it takes to be a peacemaker.  You’ll get to see the finished puzzle tomorrow during worship, but it includes imitating Jesus, being an ACTIVE peacemaker, and being a comforter.

Other fun activities have included s’mores, Upset the Fruit Basket, and singing silly songs around the campfire!  Tonight we anxiously anticipate the amazing Talent show and new addition of a fashion show of nature outfits for counselors (designed by campers!).  It is sure to be impressive.

Safe travels, parents!  We will see you tomorrow!