By Sam Stucky

Hey folks, it’s everyone’s favorite day: HUMP DAY!  Except, it’s also kind of sad, because we only have two more full days with these awesome kiddos!  It’s been a whirlwind of two days here at Explorers Camp.  We’ve had the chance to experience some of the great classic camp activities since Sunday, most notably our annual Carnival and of course: THE COUNSELOR HUNT.  Our awesome rec directors set up a bunch of stations including horse races, high jump, face paint, water-balloon-your-counselor, and many more!  And last night the counselors headed out to be hunted by the campers.  Both activities made the whole day a huge success.

Not to mention, we’ve been learning about how sometimes we put up fences between us and our neighbor.  And our neighbor can be just about ANYONE: uncool, not-so-smart, annoying, friendly, depressed, and MANY more.  We even got the chance to create our OWN fence………..and then SMASH IT.  Because we don’t do fences here at Explorers Camp 2017.  There’s never a dull moment during our worship times!

Besides all that, we’ve just been having fun hanging out, singing silly songs, dressing up wacky, eating banana boats, and making craft after craft after craft.

And if weather cooperates, tonight we will sleep out under the stars on Sunset Hill!  Can we just stay at Laurelville Summer Camp forever?