By Sam Stucky

What is lost has been found! Derek and Laurie Yoder reminded us yesterday (Tues.) that God celebrates in finding the lost- both people and Hershey’s Hugs! When have we felt lost in our lives? It’s been awesome to be reminded that God will always love us- His love is before us, behind us, under our feet, within us, and around us.

Outside of excellent Bible lessons, we’ve been busy making our own hats to remind us of camp, playing Steal the Bacon in the pool, making Banana SHIP treats :), playing in the creek, and having far too much fun with water balloons and the counselors’ faces!!

Speaking of the counselors, they all disappeared last night and campers had to scamper around the campus to find them in our classic Counselor Hunt.  First place went to Steinbach, even though Colette was nowhere to be found!!

We finally got to sleep in today, and we are looking forward to clear skies tonight on SUNSET HILL.  That is, after Walk-a-Mile…Laurelville never gets old!!!!!!!!