by Sam Stucky

And just like that it’s already hump day here at Disciples, and we find ourselves with only two full days of camp left!  It really does go fast when you’re having fun!  Especially if that fun entails whitewater rafting.  Yesterday morning, we left Laurelville bright and early at 7am to head to Ohiopyle, and we hit the river just after 8am.  The water was pretty low this time around, but we got rained on pretty good- which only made it better!  About three and a half hours and a good 15 men and women overboard, we got out of the river as whitewater professionals, safe and sound.

Besides the whitewater, we also had an evening of water the night before at the pool party, doing line dances in the water.  And like I mentioned before, ate the delicious banana boats.  After we got back from rafting, a lot of naps were had, but we also played Nine-Square-in-the-Air, Giant Dutch Blitz, and volleyball before our dinner.  Then we headed to our Gathering and talked about the places and things that give OR take away from peace.  Most of the worldly examples had limits or caveats, but the peace that is found in God is everlasting and has no catch.  Bob Brown has been doing an excellent job of facilitating conversation between all the campers rather than just preaching at them, and it’s made space for some good questions and ideas!

After last night’s Gathering, we played Slaughter (like flag football minus the football and the boundaries) and Musical Chairs.  The winner was a Lehman, though I won’t say which!  And then early this morning we had the Polar Bear swim of course!

We might have only two full days but they are jam packed with stuff including Mud games later today, tin foil dinners, Sunset Hill (the weather looks great!), and even a banquet tomorrow night.  Keep checking Flickr for photos!