by Sam Stucky

Yes, the pool party went swimmingly. I’m glad you asked!  We did endless line dances and even got to watch our counselors injure themselves in a belly flop contest (don’t worry, no campers were flopping!).  Yesterday, we had a full, fun day of beautiful weather.  Some of the games included Giant Dutch Blitz, kickball, soccer, and mafia.  We also were lucky enough to go up to have evening worship on Sunset Hill and experience God’s creation firsthand.

While we were up there, we sang silly and serious songs for a good hour, and played games like Ride the Pony, Captain’s Coming, and intense versions of Rock, Paper, Scissors.  Unfortunately, the rains were predicted to come from 3am-6am, so we were unable to sleep out yet again.  But we have high hopes for the 4th of July on Sunset next week!  And we still had tons of fun.

In worship times, Jayne Byler has been teaching us about what it looks like to love someone with stories from the Bible (like the Good Samaritan) and from storybooks (like the Giving Tree).  It’s awesome to hear stories from Jayne, and sing songs with Leah the music AND games master!

Today, we’re looking forward to a new Olympic-style competition involving all sorts of types of games, and of course camp classics like the Creek Hike, Crafts, and the Ropes Course.  The rain is supposed to pound us all day, but that has NEVER stopped us before!