by Sam Stucky

We’re already almost done with day two here at Explorers Camp, but there’s still so much fun left to have!  Although it’s been sweltering one day and rainy the next, we have been playing and hiking right through it (but also staying hydrated)!  Some of the special activities have included Mafia, crafts, soccer, ultimate frisbee, pummelball, mini golf, and brook-snooping (finding critters in the creek!).

And during our Bible times, we also got to spend some time by the creek, where Jacob had us find “peace rocks” to remind us of God’s peace and creation.  We also learned from Joy how easy it is for oppression to spread if there are more oppressors than comforters.  The campers have been extremely attentive listeners and great participants, and we’ve learned a lot!

Last night, after we all indulged in the world’s most delicious treat, Banana Boats, our counselors disappeared and the campers had to search all over campus to find them.  And again this morning, the campers had to find one of their counselors before breakfast!  And besides creek hikes, Split Rock hikes, and hanging by the pool, we are also going to be playing a huge game of Capture the Flag tonight.  I should maybe also mention that a BRAND NEW SLIP ‘N’ SLIDE JUST ARRIVED IN THE MAIL, and the Explorers campers just might be the first to experience it tomorrow….

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