By Sam Stucky

What would your life look like if you made the “Samaritan” the center of your story?

Our Navigators have been brewing on this question from Dave a little bit in the last few sessions.  There’s always someone in our lives that we avoid because they’re different.  Whether it’s skin color, age, or religion, we just don’t really associate with them.  But Jesus preached of an upside-down kingdom, where our “Samaritans” were our neighbors!  We’ve been struggling with how we can live out Jesus’ story and vision.

But besides our in-depth breakdown of Scripture, we’ve also been trucking along with camp (despite the rain!).  On Tuesday, we experienced a rather significant downpour, and so we spent our afternoon time in the Shen playing Anklebiters- a camp favorite in which you basically play dodgeball with beanbags directed towards your ankles or feet.  Our washed-out waterfall has now been mended and is back in business, so we also had our first creek hike of the week– waterfall jump included.  Blake and Hannah (our rec directors) have been keeping us on our toes during dinners with twin night, tied-to-your-neighbor’s-wrist-night, and wacky Wednesday night.  Rarely do we have a dull meal!  Also on Tuesday was Mission Impossible, in which we embarked on a mission across campus to retrieve and return glowsticks to our bases.  But there was one catch: counselors were chasing us…but it was still a good time.

On Wednesday, we played all the camp classics, made more tie-dye socks, and in the evening headed up to everyone’s favorite vacation and/or wedding destination: SUNSET HILL!  This year we even got to ride on the Peoplemover to get there!  Up on the hill, we heard more from Dave about the symbol of the cross, and we played awesome games in the grass.  We ended the night with a sing-along of silly and serious songs as loud as our lungs allowed.  I’m certain all of Mt. Pleasant heard us!

This morning we’re excited for our last full day, which will definitely be packed.  I’ll give you some clues: mud, games, mud, and talent show.  Oh, did I mention MUD?

We’ll see you tomorrow for worship at 11am!