By Joby Dupuis, Board Member

Most of us believe that what is in our hearts is best shown by what we do.  As a result, most of us give our time, talent and energy to organizations we care about.  It is called “volunteering.” Whether it is helping school children cross the street safely, ushering at church on Sundays, or working at the local food pantry, how we spend our volunteer time says a lot about what we value.  It feels good to give back, to share our talents with the people and places that we believe in.  We all have gifts to share and when we do, we feel good and the organizations we love benefit.  Volunteering is good for the soul.

Laurelville appreciates every second of our volunteers’ time.  You who volunteer at Laurelville provide a valuable gift, one that makes Laurelville’s mission a reality.  Without you, Laurelville could not function.  Honestly!   Our recently completed pool project is the perfect example of how much Laurelville depends on volunteer time.  It is a joy to watch God bless the work of volunteers at Laurelville!

But, did you know just how important your efforts are?  Do you know that nonprofits have to report their volunteer hours each year?  Do you know that almost every grant application asks for the number of volunteer hours gifted to Laurelville?  Volunteers prove that Laurelville is fulfilling its mission.  They prove that Laurelville has the support of its constituency and that folks have faith in its leadership and financial soundness.  Your volunteer hours tell the world that Laurelville is healthy, and doing exactly what it was created to do!

So, next time you volunteer your time at Laurelville, know just how important your time, talent and energy is to the work of Laurelville.  Whether you are weeding, raking leaves, working on a construction project, cleaning, licking envelopes, or helping with one of our many programs, know that your contribution is important to Laurelville and goes beyond the value of the task you are completing.  Always report all your volunteer hours to Christina Juliano, Laurelville’s volunteer coordinator.  Each minute says a lot about whom you are and who Laurelville is.  Blessings!