By Briana Bishop


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The first few years of marriage are so precious as they provide the groundwork for the type of relationship you’ll have.  Although this time can be exciting, settling into a life together after the craziness of wedding planning can also be stressful.   Learning to live with someone with different childhood and other life experiences than you can be a challenge.  Additionally, young married couples need to figure out how they deal with different types of stress, even stress that can come from positive things like having children.  How do two independent people join together in marriage and still continue to grow together?

During the Growth and Romance weekend (March 4-6), Lavern and Ronda Nissley will tackle that topic, among others.  They will provide practical tools, opportunities for real communication, and time for couples to enjoy one another.   The Rings Experience that those in attendance will participate in will help couples really figure out how to live godly lives together, celebrating differences and growing in His love.  Whether you’re facing a tough season or enjoying smooth waters, there is something to gain from this exciting weekend retreat.

Laurelville is a Christian Retreat Center in the Laurel Highlands in Southwestern Pennsylvania.

Briana Bishop is the wife of Laurelville Guest Services Host Brad Bishop