By Brad Bishopbrad-bishop-001


Next week I will conclude my time here at Laurelville after 4+ years of working as Guest Services Host. This job has blessed me in countless ways. Interacting with our guests has been a great experience and working in this beautiful environment is something I will never be able to replicate. There were many times where my daily duties didn’t feel like a job. Driving around our grounds and working on a beautiful day always made me feel at peace. There is a certain quiet to this place when no one is around. Living on grounds made me feel more invested in our property and keeping our facilities in great shape brought me a sense of pride.


In my interview to come to work at Laurelville, former Executive Director John Denlinger told me that I would be the “face of Laurelville” for many guests. I took that seriously and I always did what I could to make sure our guests had a wonderful time here. Working with Derek Yoder and our numerous volunteers showed me how many people truly love this place. I feel that way now too. The memories I have here will always be a part of who I am.


Being part of a small staff really brings everyone together to ensure that our work gets done. There is no doubt that I will miss the people that I work with the most. I am very happy with our leadership and the direction Laurelville is taking. Leaving Laurelville in a better place than when I came was always my goal and I feel like I accomplished that.