By Brad Bishop


As Laurelville wraps up 2015 there is much to be thankful for. A lot of work goes into operating a facility like Laurelville but the results are totally worth it! Let’s get started!


1: The 13,000 People That Come to Laurelville Each Year

This number always impresses me. Many people have been repeat guests from over the years but some people come for the first time. Working in Guest Services I get to interact with these folks and it is always encouraging to me to hear about people’s relationship with Laurelville. Many people came to camp, worked here, attended retreats each year and consider this a special place. Seeing people use our facility is a highlight for me. The countless smiles and great conversations that people have is something they won’t soon forget. Laurelville connects people to each other, nature and to God.

ripping carpet

2: Our Volunteers

It takes many hours to maintain a facility like Laurelville. We have so many people that come here throughout the year to volunteer. People do anything from construction, to painting, to landscaping, cutting firewood, office work and hosting groups just to name a few. Without volunteers this place wouldn’t be what it is today. We are so thankful for everyone who takes time out of their lives to come and contribute to our ministry.


3: Our Association and Donors

Giving financially is always appreciated here at Laurelville. Meeting our budget allows us to continue to thrive as a ministry for years to come. Our Association Weekends are always a time to highlight what is going on here at Laurelville and our Association members are very generous. We also have Association members who live far away from Laurelville but still recognize our ministry as important and give to us yearly. We are very thankful!


4: Our Staff

This includes all staff: Full Time, Part Time and Summer Staff. At Laurelville we are blessed to have an amazing group of people who work hard to make Laurelville such a special place for so many people. We all have the desire to see Laurelville succeed and work many long days to make sure that happens. I am grateful to be a part of this staff.


5: For God’s Blessing entering our 73rd Year

God is Good! All the Time! God is clearly at work here at Laurelville. So many people have accepted Christ as their Savior here at camp. Nature is a way that many people experience God and the peaceful nature that Laurelville has here in the Laurel Highlands is the perfect way for people to reconnect to their faith. I’m excited to see what 2016 has in store for Laurelville. I believe this place has a bright future and we have much to be thankful for.


A visit to Laurelville can really do wonders for your body and soul. Explore the possibilities at Laurelville a Christian Retreat Center in the Laurel Highlands of Western Pennsylvania.



1 Chronicles 29:13 “Now, our God, we give you thanks, and praise your glorious name.”


Brad Bishop is a Guest Services Host at Laurelville