by Brad Bishop


One of the great benefits of working at Laurelville is Tithe Time. It offers a week to go do service work at another camp, non profit organization, or charity. I’ve used a day here and there in my four years here at Laurelville but never the full week and never at another camp. This year I decided to work at a camp I’m familiar with: Bethany Birches Camp in Plymouth Vermont.

I’ve attended work weekends at Bethany Birches before during my college years and I’ve always enjoyed being there. The camp is associated closely with Blooming Glen Mennonite Church (Franconia Conference) where I attended and I’ve known the Camp Director Brandon Bergey for many years. I joined nine guys from Blooming Glen on this trip to finish work on their new pavilion.







The Pavilion Project has been something that Bethany Birches has been working on for some time. They are primarily a summer camp and the old pavilion had filled a need for many years but a new Pavilion with offices, kitchen, nurse’s station, camp store and meeting area was needed.

I worked on a variety of projects throughout the week. I stained ceiling boards, painted offices, worked at a sawmill cutting boards and power washed reclaimed barn boards for the interior of the building. The Pavilion is going to be ready for Summer Camp! Now campers will be able to use this building for generations to come. I am grateful to be a part of this project and to see another camp prosper.


Brad Bishop is a Guest Services Host at Laurelville.