BrubachersMaynard and Jan Brubacher were inducted into Laurelville’s Creekside circle during the October 17-19 Fall Gathering of the Association. The Creekside Circle is an honorary fellowship of individuals who have demonstrated sustained passion, involvement, and support for Laurelville.

The story of Maynard and Jan and Laurelville is interwoven with life-changing encounters, dedicated service, and response to God’s call. Maynard jokes that his connection to Laurelville was meant to be since both he and Laurelville were born in 1943! But this story begins in 1964, when Maynard signed up for a year of voluntary service and left his home in Ontario to come to Laurelville to work in Maintenance.

At the same time, Kenneth and Laura Ann King, Jan’s parents, sold their home in Hesston, Kan. and moved to Laurelville to work from 1964 to 1966.  When Jan came to spend time with her parents during Christmas break from college, it was the first life-changing encounter of this story.

The second life-changing encounter came when Maynard and Jan were living in Goshen, Ind.  A.J. Metzler, one of Laurelville’s founders, asked them to visit and talk to the committee about taking the Resident Manager position. They agreed and served from 1973 to 1978 as Resident Manager (Maynard) and Camp Nurse (Jan).

After leaving Laurelville and starting their own business, the Brubachers have stayed connected in countless ways, including Maynard’s service on the Board for 18 years, 10000+ volunteer hours, and generous financial support. From the Lodge roof to the Youth Village, the flower beds to the Shenandoah gymnasium, there is hardly an area at Laurelville where they haven’t been involved in some way.

Michael Yoder, Laurelville’s Executive Director, expressed gratitude to the Brubachers: “Thank you for responding to God’s guidance in your life and being a dedicated servant to Laurelville for 50 years. Without your service, this place wouldn’t be where it is today.”

Membership in Creekside Circle is based upon demonstrated, obvious passion and significant involvement in the life of Laurelville. The criteria for eligibility include any of the following:

  • Visionary leadership that has proved influential in the history of Laurelville
  • Sustained years of excellent Board and/or Staff tenure
  • A pattern of significant financial contributions
  • Volunteer service of unusual and sustained proportions

photo, l-r: Michael Yoder (Executive Director), Jan Brubacher, Maynard Brubacher, Kim Miller (board chair)