By Katie Cline



During this year’s Music and Worship Leaders Retreat, we had an opportunity to bring our burdens to the Lord during worship.  We see world crises, health issues, financial struggles, and broken relationships that leave us with a heavy heart.  Over the weekend, we had permission to acknowledge those burdens and give them to God.  Our guest speaker, Jorge Lockward, encouraged us to worship as we are, going before the Lord without hindrance.  There’s no need to wear a mask when you come to worship Him.

Through personal testimonies, we were encouraged, and the vulnerability brought us freedom.  Through Ted’s dramas and the talented actors, we were challenged, and the laughter helped us release our burdens a little more.  Through the words of Amy and Ken, we were unified and invited into a safe place.  Through Marilyn’s leadership and the excellent musicians, we were strengthened and created an experience we won’t soon forget.

Thank you to those who attended, to those who participated, and to those who lead for creating a memorable weekend.  We hope to see you January 6-8, 2017!


Laurelville is a Christian Retreat Center in the Laurel Highlands in Southwestern Pennsylvania.


Katie Cline is our Program Coordinator at Laurelville.