Volunteer at Laurelville

General Information

Looking for a place to roll up your sleeves?  Be a part of the ministry happening here at Laurelville!

What kinds of volunteer opportunities are there?

Volunteer opportunities vary in nature, from maintenance and construction projects to office work and attending to the needs of our guests. We do our best to match your gifts and experiences with the needs we have here at Laurelville. We can find something that suits your interest!  Volunteer long-term or short-term.

Are there work projects for large groups?

Yes. We have hosted volunteer groups of 25-30 for larger projects (e.g. roofing, landscaping, etc.) and can find a project that matches your group’s interests. Church, business, and school groups are welcome!

Do I have to spend my whole visit volunteering?

Absolutely not! We want you to enjoy all of the gifts Laurelville and the Laurel Highlands have to offer during your visit. Frequently, volunteers will take advantage of nearby Ohiopyle and Pittsburgh attractions, including whitewater rafting, Fallingwater, museums, skiing, and sporting events. Let us know how we can structure your schedule so that you have the chance to visit these and other sights in the area.

Will you provide me and my group with a place to stay?

Yes, you will have a place to stay while you do volunteer work here at Laurelville. We will provide you with lodging and meals at a discounted rate or for free, depending on the length of your stay and the amount of work your group intends to accomplish. It’s our way of thanking you for your generous service to the ministry of Laurelville.

Are there long-term opportunities?

There are seasons in your life—post-graduation, retirement, or other times of transition—when you might want to invest several weeks to a whole year (or more) engaged in service. These long-term service opportunities meet some of our greatest needs while providing you with the rewarding opportunity to explore your gifts in a ministry setting while providing Christlike service and hospitality to the many guests who visit our grounds.

Step 1: Volunteer Inquiry

Fill out this form first. Please wait for our prompt response before proceeding with the full application.

    Are you a/an
    Part of GroupIndividual


    Step 2: Apply

    Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Laurelville! If you have general questions or would like more information, please fill out the inquiry form above.

    Before you can begin your service at Laurelville, we ask that you fill out an application. In addition, in order to comply with state and federal law, you will need to complete clearance background checks BEFORE you begin volunteering. Further instructions for this process will be provided after an application is received.

    Download an application by clicking here and return your application to Laurelville at the following address:

    941 Laurelville Lane
    Mt. Pleasant, PA 15666

    Step 3: Obtain Background Clearances

    In accordance with the Pennsylvania State Laws, all Laurelville Mennonite Church Center volunteers must obtain background clearances.  Please complete these clearances and submit them to Laurelville before your service begins. If any issues arise, please contact Laurelville. For more detailed instructions, click here.

    Clearance requirements if the volunteer has been a resident of PA continuously for the past 10 years

    1. PA Criminal Background Check: https://epatch.state.pa.us
    2. PA Child Abuse History Clearance: http://www.compass.state.pa.us/CWIS
    3. Download and complete a disclosure statement: http://www.dhs.pa.gov/searchresults/index.htm?q=Disclosure+statement

    Clearance requirements if the volunteer has NOT been a resident of PA continuously for the past 10 years:

    Out of State Applicants complete screenings through Ministry Safe. Staff will send you a link to complete these clearances. A $33 donation is welcomed to help defray the cost to Laurelville for acquiring these clearances.

    Laurelville can accept current clearances you have already obtained for employment or service at other churches or organizations.

    In addition, Laurelville follows the Two Adult Rule* and the Rule of Three**

    *At least two screened adults must be present at every function and in each classroom, vehicle, or other enclosed area during all activities involving children, youth, or vulnerable adults.

    **At least three individuals (at least one must be a screened adult and the remaining two no younger than 5 years of age) must be present at every function and in each classroom, vehicle, or other enclosed area during all activities involving children, youth, or vulnerable adults.

    Step 4: Volunteer

    Once we have received all of your background clearances, a date can be set for your service time at Laurelville. After you arrive, you will fill out a few more forms and receive a short orientation in the department that you are serving with. Throughout the entire application and service process, we frequently communicate with our volunteers to ensure that any issues that arise are addressed and that our volunteers are having a positive experience. Should you have any questions, feel free to contact our office.